I was fortunate to be invited to speak at some meetups to share my experience.


1 Million Parallel Lambdas vs Unfriendly Websites

meet.js WrocławJanuary 26, 2023

A story of using AWS Lambda for load-testing purposes on a tight budget. From Serverless intro to hard-core Lambda optimizations for maximum concurrency.

AWS AppSync (GraphQL on AWS)

GDG Lviv MeetupJune 26, 2018

I shared my experience of running GraphQL APIs in production on AWS. Since then I am lukewarm about GraphQL and AppSync but it was a hot topic back then.

Taming Meteor deployment with Wercker

Meteor UkraineJune 30, 2016

I shared my experience of setting up a CI to deploy Meteor.js apps in Docker containers to AWS. Back in the days, people kept deploying Meteor apps manually or to plain EC2 and AWS ECS was a new kid on the block.

A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

GDG Ternopil MeetupMarch 16, 2016

My first talk ever, where I explain the basics of machine learning, with examples of supervised and unsupervised learning. Then I shared tools I used and real-life problems solved.